When the Strathfield Library staff deposit books into the lockers, the Library Lockers will send you a text message containing a web link (that looks like http://bit.ly/2MwPZJW) to a QR code and a 6 digit access code. If you have reserved books online but haven't received a text message most likely your books haven't been deposited into the lockers yet.

If you would like to check the status of your reservations you would have to contact the Strathfield Library on 02 9764 0222

The easiest way to collect your books is to open the QR code link and scan it in on the barcode scanner below the kiosk screen or click here to see instructions on how to collect your books.

If you've used the manual collection process and you are seeing a message on the kiosk screen about an account top up it means that there could have been a mistake in either the phone number and access code that has been manually entered. 

To access your items all you have to do is press the little home button or the back button to return to the home screen and begin the process again, otherwise use the QR code collection process to collect your books.

If you are still having trouble collecting your items out of the Library Locker please contact My Parcel Locker support.