Watch the video guide:




Item collection:

Please note: you do not need to scan your library

card to use this system.

1. Open the QR code from the text

message by clicking on the short link

that looks like:

2. Scan the QR code at the reader

below the kiosk screen (alternatively

you can press the ‘Collect’ button

and type in your mobile phone

number and 6 digit access code,

also contained in your text message).

The locker with your item will open.

3. Collect your item and close the

locker door.

Item return:

1. Press the ‘Return’ button and scan the

Strathfield Library barcode that begins

with 'SL' for each item you want to return.

3. Once you have deposited all of your

items, close the locker door.

2. After you have scanned in the barcodes

for the items you wish to return, press

the ‘Finished Scanning’ button to

proceed and open the return locker.